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In 2009, two brothers founded a company dedicated to employing the most effective and ethical SEO methods for their clients. As their company and the SEO industry evolved, First Page Sage emerged as one of the first companies offering what is today called Thought Leadership: the art of positioning clients as true leaders in their respective fields.

At FPS, we seek out passionate, cause-oriented clients and provide them with truly impactful thought leadership content. We combine this activity with more traditional link-building and campaigns targeting specific long-tail keywords that their customers would search. Ultimately, our work allows us to position our clients at the top of Google for their most valuable searches.

We believe that a career should offer a constant challenge, a sense of purpose, and strong camaraderie. Our jobs give us the chance to discover new talents while utilizing old ones, allowing us to create something meaningful and lasting.

Whether they’re developing copy, designing graphics, or building client relationships, everyone on our team works together towards a common goal. Despite working in home offices across the country, we have created a family. We encourage each other, teach each other, and help each other. “That’s not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary.

Our business is all about building connections. We partner with clients to produce a work product that makes them well known in their industry. Our clients can then connect with their communities to make the world a more positive place. At the same time, we are able to connect with each other to create a modern workplace that is welcoming, supportive, and replete with learning.

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