In this world, their are two types of people: those who ignored that homophone mistake, and those who are practically reaching through the screen right now to correct it. We’re looking for the latter. Our editors help our writers to create perfect pieces of thought-leadership that reflect the values of our client while being SEO-friendly, technically correct, typo-free, and captivating, dynamic, highly-readable and engaging pieces. Editing is more than that, though: it is about understanding who your writers are, over a wide array of personality and expertise. It is about understanding the goal of the blog. It is about using all that knowledge to work with your writers, not against them, to create the best piece, every day. Being a great editor is about more than spellcheck: it is being a vital part of the creative and educational process. If you’re part-pedant and part-poet, this is an editorial job designed for you.

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