Campaign Managers

Campaign Managers are the people and project managers of the company. On the people management side, they hold the onus for clear communication between clients and internal team members. If someone is going down the wrong rabbit hole or is unclear on their action items or what is expected of them, that’s on the CM. They also need to cultivate a high level of emotional intelligence when dealing with clients  to adapt communication styles and approaches to fit the needs of each unique client POC.

On the project management side, the CM is responsible for the clarity of all tasks, emails, agendas, action items and workflows. This means all deadlines are clearly communicated and met, there is no confusion, no missed action items, and no one chasing updates or next steps on their campaigns.  

Our most successful Campaign Managers are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience, expand contracts and ensure renewals with all clients. They have a flexible mindset and cultivate the agility to  jump between a number of different project/campaign types with unique workflows and maintain the same high level of output for all of them.


  • Organize all campaign information
  • Lead Internal Calls
  • Communicate with the client as point of contact
  • Prepare weekly Google Analytics and Keywords snapshots
  • Engage in continued personal and professional development
  • Support teammates whenever possible and help facilitate the onboarding of new accounts and new teammates

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