Campaign Strategists

Campaign Strategists helm the SEO ship. They steer both our clients and our teams toward the achievement of quarterly and yearly ROI goals via research, editorial calendar development, education, and data reporting. Strategists welcome challenges as learning opportunities and are comfortable taking calculated risks and making critical decisions based on facts, as well as intuition. Their emotional intelligence is apparent in the way they interact with their department, their teams, and, most importantly, their clients, relying on strong negotiation skills and an ability to “read between the lines.” They understand how to energize their clients and teams to work toward a singular vision. A Campaign Strategists knows when to flex, when to hold ground, and how to do either while earning respect and trust from everyone they work with.

Excellence as a Campaign Strategist

  • Developing and communicating proactive and implementable campaign strategies, including topic buffers on stable accounts, with the ultimate goal of gaining excitement for, engagement with, and collaboration around our strategy from both our internal teams and our clients.
  • Effectively and flexibly utilizing time and resources weekly, monthly, and over the course of a campaign to ensure we optimize resources to achieve excellence, and stay “in-the-moment” with the needs and goals of our internal teams and our clients.
  • Owning the responsibility for identifying and achieving long-term, data-driven client and campaign goals, including upsells and renewals, while simultaneously and efficiently handling daily, weekly, and short-term tasks. 
  • Operating from a mindset that challenges are opportunities for innovation and growth, and asking ourselves, our teams, and our clients, “What is the highest value we can achieve together?”


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